10 ways to turn on the green light and make your dreams come true

x25429780 Do you sit around and wonder why you are not living your dream and making the kind of  money you want to be making?

Are you afraid to commit to your dream?
Do you know what your dream is?

    When I first launched my handbag line over 12 years ago I didn’t know that was my dream.  I didn’t have a olist200dream – I just had an idea for this cute little bag.  Once it got rolling I realized how much I LOVED IT and it became my dream – my dream was to get my bags in Bergdorfs, Bloomingdales and Fred Segal, in magazines like Instyle, Oprah, ELLE, Lucky and WWD, and to have my bags be in movies and on TV.

    Well, with a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I made all that happen for me – it took years of hard work and a lot of rookie mistakes – but I did it.


    2010 is just around the corner – don’t let another dream-free year go by!k1311567

    Here are some quick things you can do to get your idea movin’ and shakin’ before 2009 is over!! These 10 steps should only take you about 10 hours! 

    ONE DAY to get your dream off the ground??  What are you waiting for??

    1. If you KNOW what you want to create then start to do the research to see where your product will fit in:

    a.Visit stores and see where it would go – what section? Does it need to be folded or hung?  Does it need  packaging?

    b.What other websites can you sell it on?

    c.What is the price point of your competitors?  Or something close?

    2. Make a master list of all the stores or websites you want to be in.

    3. Make a list of your competitors and their price points for reference.k0462187

    4. Pick your ideal retail price point (that you desire) and divide by 8 to get the approximate cost of the item.

    5. Play around with the “cost” and see how many you can afford to make – what are you willing to invest in your future?

    6. Make a mock up.  You don’t need anything fancy. Just find some paper and make a sample.  It doesn’t have to be fancy.  I know someone who is showing her totally home made sample to QVC before she bothers to make a REAL one.   Gutsy right?  You can do that too!

    k00032877. If you need packaging, hangers, boxes or whatever… then start to look at what is already out there for ideas – buy one if you can for future reference.

    8. Name your company and/or your product.  If you need help picking a name then invite some friends over for dinner and get them thinking for you – or if you have some $$$ to spare – spend that on a copy writer to think it up for you! It’s worth the few hundy!

    9. Buy your domain name ASAP.  It’s really cheap on Go Daddy and if you use the coupon code DIGGNATION for $3 off.

    10. Register your name on all the social media sites:  Blog, Youtube, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, or whatever floats your boat.  DECIDE to be committed to your product and start talking about it. Maybe you want to chronicle your launching experience, perhaps you LOVE to do videos…..experiment and see what makes YOU the most happy and you will come across much better and be more successful in that medium.

    Let me know how it goes!

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      Written by Sarah Shaw

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    • Sky Light says:

      You give a great list to prepare for success. People that prepare for success are always more likely to succeed. I would also suggest a complete landscape of the industry, before penetrating into the market.

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