Highly designed crafted home goods that are mindfully made with Erin Flett

Highly designed and crafted home goods that are mindfully madeHighly designed crafted home goods that are mindfully made

Can you take one of your graphic designs and make me a pillow?  That one question launched Erin Flett’s business practically overnight. Erin Flett is all about highly designed crafted home goods that are mindfully made.

Erin and I chat candidly about starting a business, working while pregnant, being mindful of surrounding yourself with positive people whose energy lifts you up, and most importantly, planting seeds of what you want your legacy to be and watching them grow, even if it’s only 1% at a time.

Highly designed crafted home goods that are mindfully made

Running your own business means you are wearing multiple hats.  Erin is especially concerned and pays extra attention to what is being produced because her name is on the door. Erin is no stranger to that her fabric designs and name are on the line with each item that goes out the door.

Erin (not effortlessly) has built a very successful company starting on her dining room table  and progressing from pillows to bags, candles, drinking glasses, napkins, aprons, dolls, wallpaper and now rugs.

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More about Erin:

Erin Flett is about bold, imperfect and organic shapes and elements, collaged together with a unique, hand-drawn, eclectic style.

Erin is a wife, and mother of two young girls, with a passion for funky vintage finds, and living and breathing design. She has won numerous design awards and has been published in a variety of design books, magazines and blogs showcasing her distinctive hand, most recently BH&G Magazine featuring her on the cover as one of 4 Style Makers of 2016 as well as 2016 HGTV Designer to watch award. Other magazine features are in O Magazine, Country Living, Better Homes and Garden, Simple, HGTV Magazine, New England Home, Maine Magazine, Maine Home & Design, and the international magazine, KIDS. In the past 5 years, her products have been sold all over the world, in interior design studio shops, as well as eclectic, high-end home and children’s boutiques. She was featured three times and named TOP TEN Textile Designers to watch from Apartment Therapy.

Erin is a passionate, prolific designer who started her company in her basement, hand-printing home goods with her husband, Maslen. She has since moved her growing business into an old, Maine cotton mill, with employees who help print, sew and ship her ever-growing collections. Her line includes pillows, bags, glassware, candles, wall art, limited edition paper products, rugs, and wallpaper. She especially loves collaborating with interior designers and architects on custom projects.

“Local” is important to Erin. All of her printing is done by hand in Maine, while Mills in North Carolina weave her custom bark cloth and canvas. All of her velvet and linen are sourced domestically. Even her zippers and inserts are made in the USA! With her attention on designing, manufacturing, and selling, Erin is able to oversee the entire process, ensuring quality and craft in each product.

Erin’s vision is to continue to create highly designed crafted home goods that are mindfully made, and encompass all the subtle details that make her unique, hand-drawn, graphic patterns sought-after and collected. Her edgy and joyful designs combine the “traditional” with the “modern,” breathing new life into the world of textiles. Her goal is to make her customers smile, and bring a fresh, new style into their homes.











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Written by Sarah Shaw

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