30 Cool Tips to Get on TV

Have you ever wondered how to get yourself on TV and strut your stuff for the world to see?  I have been on TV a few times myself over the years, and let me tell you…….it works!

Here are 30 cool tips and tricks from my Entreprenette Experts that you can use to get your bad self on TV!

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Written by Sarah shaw

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  • These are great ideas! I’m going to have to tackle some of them. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to action.

  • How to Get on Television? Learn American Sign Language (ASL)! The fourth most commonly used language in the United States is now trekking on to screens across the country. When people see sign language they take are intrigued, fascinated and truly interested.

  • These are great ideas! I Will try to use a few suggestions to land interview on TV. Thanks guys!

  • Cynthia Lou says:

    Holy wow Sarah! These are FANTASTIC and resourceful tips!
    Gets my creative juices flowing for sure….

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