How To Get Into A Magazine

Ok, let’s be serious for a moment……everyone wants to get in a magazine right? Whether you have a product or a service, there is room for everyone if you have the right approach and something newsworthy to pitch! Here are 43 tips from my awesome Entreprenette Experts to help you on your way to stardom. I want everyone to try at least one new pitch this week – remember, they need you just as much as you need them!

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The Catchie is a 3 in 1 car seat catch mat. Ideal for parents and grandparents. It keeps anything the grand-baby drops from the car seat off the car floor and within arms reach. The Catchie is waterproof and designed with baby in mind. Safe to use, install and easy to clean. No more messy car, and makes for a stress-free drive with a happy baby!!
Vendor Contact: Brittany Arnold of Catchie Concepts, LLC | Phone: 9495451330 | Email:

Launched in Fall 2015, Kiss & Wear is a lifestyle accessories brand that seamlessly combines the perfect mix of west coast cool and east coast chic. Kiss & Wear pieces are designed for everyday wear; they’re simple, timeless but still make a bold statement – much like the girls who wear them. The ultimate #KWBabe defines herself in many ways. She's a best friend and a sister. An intellectual and a creative. Glamorous and carefree. Each Kiss & Wear piece, like her, is unique.
Vendor Contact: Katrina Caspelich of Kiss and Wear | Phone: 8587226677 | Email:

A Yummy Apology is a whimsy way of promising to never use toxic products again. Created and formulated by a Mom who could not find products that did not irritate her daughters eczema. Missy Clay set out and accomplished that task with the Calendula Lavender soap bar. It grew from there. A Yummy Apology currently has a product line of appx 78 gorgeous, yummy products that are great for all skin types.
Vendor Contact: Missy Clay of A Yummy Apology | Phone: 9729788737 | Email:

I create jewelry for today's modern women who want to look their best while juggling their families everyday lives. I was recently selected as the Mompreneur 2016 by Parenting OC magazine. I'd like to suggest this handmade gemstone bracelet for women over 40. It's made with amazonite and lava beads which can be used for essential oil diffusing to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Just use a drop or two of essential oils on the lava beads. Retail $49. Coupon code 25off for 25% discount.
Vendor Contact: Reija Eden of Reija Eden Jewelry | Phone: 714-200-7006 | Email:

A customized wallet size swatch book filled with pieces of fabric of all your best shades of every color. You choose your swatch book based on your present hair color - Deep Brunette, Warm Blonde, Golden Brown, Red, Ash Blonde & Grey and use it as a guide for shopping for everything from tees & nail color to party dresses and purses! In addition to all these being your very best shades, every color in your book coordinates with each other.
Vendor Contact: Jill Kirsh of Jill Kirsh Color | Phone: 818-269-2699 | Email:

We are Honest Hazel, a refreshing new beauty brand with a powerful product. Our Eye Gels are instantly refreshing under-eye treatments for tired eyes. The quick treatment is simple, yet significant, all natural ingredients and multitasking to reduce puffiness, brighten dark circles, firm fine lines and hydrate the delicate under-eye skin.
Vendor Contact: Catherine Scott of Honest Hazel | Phone: 206-276-1760 | Email:

TonicARTistry makes beautiful bohemian style jewelry for the stylish and chique lady. Our jewelry collection is all handmade with copper wire as well as a variety of gorgeous gemstones. Spice up your day with our new collection.
Vendor Contact: ANISEY FERNANDEZ of TonicARTistry | Phone: 7863338237 | Email:

My product is the ClimateCase. It is a cell phone case that prevents your cell phone from overheating and freezing. It also restores an already overheated or frozen cell phone in less than 60 seconds. It is made of soft yet durable neoprene, and is also machine washable.
Vendor Contact: Lisa Lambert of Coastal ClimateCase, LLC | Phone: 8055511139 | Email:

The AIR FORT is an indoor fort for kids that blows up in less than 30 seconds with the switch of an ordinary household fan. When blown up it is large in size fitting several kids and adults. When deflated it fits into its matching carrying bag the size of a folded pair of jeans. Kids, parents and grandparents who have seen it absolutely freak out over it! It's mess and parts free. It makes for the perfect gift for kids 3-14 years of age! Now you can say goodbye to messy furniture forts!!
Vendor Contact: Luciana Hanley of AIR FORT, LLC | Phone: (619)961-5347 | Email:

A Dallas comedian and her son created a better condom together. Wine Condoms are the worlds first bottle stopper that's functions like a condom An Amazon Bestseller, Wine Condoms have been featured in media around the globe such as NBCs Today Show, Daily Mail, L.A. TImes and also have made their way into the hands of have a dozen celebrities including comedians Amy Poehler and Melissa McCarthy. A recent LAD Bible video celebrating Wine Condoms went viral with over 36 Million views.
Vendor Contact: Laura Bartlett of Wine Condoms LLC | Phone: 214-450-9675 | Email:

Messy Mutts Elevated Double Feeder accommodates food and water with its 2 stainless steel bowl inserts and contains spills with its wide lip and raised edge border. Designed to grow with your dog, it comes complete with 3 varying length sets of legs. Our Elevated Feeders make feeding easier, cleaner and healthier for your dog!
Vendor Contact: Jeff Norling of Messy Mutts | Phone: (416) 644-1661 | Email:

Give a gift as unique as the child receiving it. Award-winning personalized children's books based on heritage and world culture. My Heritage Book can include up to 8 different countries, introducing the child to the culture and customs that helped shape who they are today. Each hardcover book includes the child's name, birth date, and a special family tree. Our Around the World books take children on an exciting journey, where they will learn about the world around them and their place in it.
Vendor Contact: Deanna Novak of KidsHeritage | Phone: 9542362843 | Email:

Jenelt’s new product line, Essential Organics, introduces high-performing organic products that embody purity and environmental sustainability. Each product features the ideal combination of natural and organic ingredients, expertly formulated to maximize anti-aging benefits based on the latest research.
Vendor Contact: Ellen Tsai | Email:

Handmade geek accessories - everything from neckties to purses featuring your favorite superheroes and science fiction heroes!
Vendor Contact: Jennifer Pawley of The Geek Forge | Phone: 770-765-6875 | Email:

OMG is undeniably the hottest frames to hit the fashion industry and are a must have for the fashion conscious, the eccentric, the sophisticate, and the trend setter. Founded in Milwaukee, WI, OMG is making statements from New York to Baltimore, Philadelphia to LA and everywhere in between. Our unique fashion forward designs always cause heads to turn and jaws to drop. Each beautifully detailed creation is made by hand and is quality-crafted to ensure durability and a unique, one of a kind desig
Vendor Contact: Amillia Moore of OMG! Fashion shades | Phone: 4142521287 | Email:

High quality, handmade costume wings and tails. Perfect for dress up play or costume parties. Dragon tails and a variety of wings: fairy, dragon, bat, and ladybug.
Vendor Contact: Angela Starcher of Mighty Bunny | Phone: 2537228652 | Email:

Necklettes are the fashion industry’s hot new piece of jewelry that is replacing the everyday accessories of a woman’s wardrobe! More exciting than a necklace and far more unique than a brooch, Necklettes are the statement piece without the chain! Whether you’re looking for a new way to spice up your outfit for a night on the town or classing up your blouse for a day at the office, Necklettes offer multiple designs and different ways to embellish your clothing!
Vendor Contact: Peter Bresnahan of Necklettes | Phone: 9784630154 | Email:

New Hat Baking creates gluten free baking mixes with unmatched taste & texture by utilizing a unique flour blend & classic baking techniques. This provides a win-win solution for families who want healthy, nutritious, gluten free products everyone enjoys eating! We use organic & non GMO ingredients for you, & also avoid all common food allergens. It brings us joy to offer you great tasting nutritional products that bring you to that “YES!” moment, allowing you to forget you’re gluten free.
Vendor Contact: Amber Davis of New Hat Baking | Phone: 9709460539 | Email:

Angel Chatter's Love Central 12oz Candle is the perfect gift for mom, grandma and/or anyone in your world that could benefit from some extra love. Our candle is made with kosher soy wax; which makes a soothing lotion while the candle is melting. Lastly, the candle includes a pink calcite crystal to infuse the energy of love. Its unique blend of pure essential oils offer a subtle and loving scent that will fill its space. Its burn time is approximately 70 hours and made with love in the USA
Vendor Contact: Christine Alexandria of Angel Chatter | Phone: 508-479-1680 | Email:

This product definitely compliments wine. No, you can't drink it....but what pairs better with a delicious bottle of wine, than GREAT CONVERSATION!! Catch-Up and Relish the Moment games were made with simplicity in mind. Reconnecting family and friends over the holidays-reminiscing of old times while making memories of a lifetime. Give them a try---you won't be disappointed!!! They are sure to be a sell-out!!!
Vendor Contact: Christina Budde of McClean Enterprises, LLC | Phone: 563-349-1096 | Email:

Growth Serum for accelerating brow and lash growth. ●Aloe Vera which contains enzymes that directly promote healthy hair growth. ● MSM  for the healthy growth of collagen and keratin ● Extra brow growth is usually noticed within 2/3 weeks of nightly use. DIRECTIONS: ● Apply with clean fingers, or our Slant Brush tool directly to the brow hairs and skin. ● Apply on clean skin after your nightly skin care routine.
Vendor Contact: Mario Pineiro of Elke Von Freudenberg Enterprises | Phone: 1 888- 598- 8882 | Email:

elke® Brow Serum SRP $28.00 Code: WWM for 20% Online Our vegan Brow Serum offers an all natural way to help aid in brow growth without the use of chemicals with results seen in as little as 2-3 weeks. Uses coconut oil, aloe vera, meadowfoam seed oil and DMAE to help with skin texture and reveal lush brows. Recommended for those who see very little brow growth. For best results, apply our Brow Serum directly after our Brow Scrub. No growth hormones, chemicals or synthetics. 1 fl. oz.
Vendor Contact: Holly Googe of elke | Phone: 917 475 6845 | Email:

Be stylish and earth conscious wearing this gemstone green agate and yellow jasper stacking necklace and matching earrings set. It's 22" long and perfect to pair with the Heart Chakra long necklace. Wear this necklace with a white t_shirt and jeans or pair it with a tank and a skirt for spring or summer. Green is the 2017 Pantone color of the year. Green is also the color of healing and corresponds to the heart or 4th chakra. It's a feel good color.
Vendor Contact: linda Blatchford of Linor Store Jewelry | Phone: 312.659.9705 | Email:

Welcome to Janet's Creative Cottage. A place where you will find beautiful hand made products you won't see anywhere else. We offer a variety of items such as dolls, purses, make up bags, pillows and much more. Our products make fabulous gifts for all ages. We hope you will take a minute or two and see what catches your eye.
Vendor Contact: Janet Bernasconi of Janet's Creative Cottage | Phone: 561-876-7123 | Email:

Soap-To-Go is a convenient little soap that is small enough for a purse, diaper bag (perfect for children who can't reach the soap dispenser), or backpack. Since it's a solid, you can even take it on a plane! When you’re finished using it, just put the lid back on and you’re ready to go! No messy wet soap to deal with. Twist top cap ensures that the lid won’t come off and make a mess in your bag. Available in 6 scents: Sugar Dust, Clean Cotton, Orange Cream, Lavender, Spearmint, Vanilla
Vendor Contact: Angela Barrett of Angie's Suds 'N Such | Phone: 703-298-2126 | Email:

"A sweet holistic addition to whatever ails you" Our Organic Lavender Hippie Pillows are filled with organic lavender and/or wild crafted balsam fir and beans. Warmed/Cold/Just As Is Great for: Meditation Back/Shoulders/Sore Muscles Sinus/Headache Belly/PMS Keeping tootsies warm Hot Flashes Comfort Anxiety Stress Sensory Issues Massage Doula Sleep Issues New Moms Elderly Physical or Sport therapy Rehabilitation or Recovery
Vendor Contact: Nicole Simonelli of | Phone: 2037225585 | Email:

Nuppi is all about handmade stylish designs for nursery, kids and adult room! ★ Baby mobiles, wall art decor, decorative pillows for kids and adult, customize name decor and more! All of items designed and handmade, mainly from textiles! Thank you, Lior & Adi - Nuppi team ★★★ PS: 300X300 pic isn't the ideal for the items
Vendor Contact: Lior-Adi Narninski of NUPPI | Phone: +972508616373 | Email:

My name is Jen Carey and I’m the co-founder and designer at the The Modern Bazaar ( where we fabricate and design high quality personalized jewelry including a Coordinate Collection, jewelry that displays the map coordinates of a special place in your life, and our Handwriting Collection, engraved with a loved one’s actual handwriting or your child's artwork. Our jewelry is customizable, wearable, affordable and makes for a thoughtful gift she's sure to treasure!
Vendor Contact: Jennifer Carey of The Modern Bazaar | Phone: 832-710-6442 | Email:

TULI BERT: unisex limited edition kids fashion. Urban street, cool,funky and comfy clothing. TULI BERT blend high quality of flexible fabrics and combines prints by a 10 years old boy. The clothes go throw a very special artwork process, for an extra edgy look. Israeli design. More than 3 years we have a shop on Etsy and last year we open our own web shop. Thank you, Lior & Liat
Vendor Contact: Lior & Liat Idan of Tuli Bert | Phone: +972508616373 | Email:

La Hatterie Millinery & Accessories, "Original and Timeless Ladies Headwear Designs" Designing headwear for all of your special occasions; weddings, church, garden parties, and racewear, as well as casual wear. Starting with quality materials we create headwear that our customers will be able to enjoy for many years to come. The natural straw hat pictured is trimmed with grosgrain ribbon and a flower ($75). A special 15% discount is offered to magazine readers, with the code "SP17".
Vendor Contact: Vanessa Cunningham of La Hatterie Millinery & Accessories | Phone: 504-908-4182 | Email:

Maui Artist Ken Loyd's bright and happy art work is on our beautiful gift items. "Happy Dreams" Sleeping Mask, Wine Koozie, Pill Boxes, Glasses Cases and more. Each item is made to order in our studio just for you. Custom orders are available. We offer a 20% off Coupon for your readers on the entire website.
Vendor Contact: kathy loyd of Art By Loyd, Inc | Phone: 808-875-1911 | Email:

These cards are not your typical greeting card. They are part of our gallery edition line that feature limited edition artworks that are printed on professional grade watercolor paper. Each greeting card is matted with an 8x10 beveled mat and backer which makes it easy to frame and hang on a wall or place on a coffee table/fireplace.
Vendor Contact: Summer Lorde of Ma Belle | Phone: 613-325-7829 | Email:

Our line of of all natural, organic, vegan and certified cruelty free beauty products are perfect for women looking for luxurious, clean beauty products at affordable prices. Our products are made with exotic plant extracts and intended to heal and nourish skin. Our Herbal Skin Healing Cleanser as a gentle daily face wash and our Superfruit and Jasmine Antioxidant Face Cream as an anti aging moisturizer are a perfect skin nurturing duo. We are offering 20% off and free shipping: WomansWorld20
Vendor Contact: Sara Davoodi of Athar'a | Phone: 6302027414 | Email:

Whether you're caring for your grandchild or aging parent, The SnarfScarf® is a stylish and dignified solution for mealtime messes. Invented and patented by a mom, The SnarfScarf® is discreet and comfortable, yet offers full coverage at an affordable price. It is perfect for everyday use, from restaurants to road trips. Our selection includes child and adult sizes, masculine and feminine prints, and is easy to wash and store. The SnarfScarf® is handmade in the USA. Use code SNARF17 for 15% of
Vendor Contact: Tami Shadduck of Darwin Designs LLC | Phone: 727-324-8041 | Email:

In 2005 Alana and Bianca Alicea came up with the idea for an all-handmade American jewelry company. With a background in jewelry design and hailing from Rhode Island, which was once known as "The Jewelry Capital of the World", both women decided to put their innovative skills to good use.The mother/daughter duo started out with a $500 investment and less than 100 charm designs. They turned their home office into a small studio for their new company, which they named Chubby Only 9 nine years late
Vendor Contact: Bianca Alicea of ChubbyChicoCharms | Phone: 401-404-4018 | Email:

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  • Great ideas. One of the best ways to get into publications is to start local. Local magazines and “rags” are always looking to feature local businesses. Each time you are mentioned or featured, add it to your website or marketing materials (“As seen in…”). This will gain you credibility, not only with your local market, but with larger publications as well. There are also services out there like that group advertisers together to share space and costs in cooperatives, making it affordable to small businesses to be seen in larger (and local) publications. Good luck!

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